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LEARNING OBJECTIVES Unit I Colonial America These are the specific tasks you will be required to perform for the Unit I Exam. The learning objectives refer to Chapters 1- 4 in your textbook America: Past and Present. Most of these tasks are also covered in class. Chapter 1: New World Encounters 1. Explain how the ice age hunters settled in North America. 2. Analyze the emergence of cultural diversity among Pre-Columbian Indians. 3. Discuss how contact between Native Americans and Europeans impacted their respective worlds. 4. Discuss European contact with African societies and explain reasons for the importation of African slaves to America. 5. Explain why the discovery of America by the Norsemen was ineffective. 6. Analyze developments in 15th century Europe which made exploration and expansion possible. 7. Discuss the nature of Spanish exploration and conquest of the New World. 8. Examine the French contribution to the exploration of America 9. Discuss major developments in 16th century England including the English exploration of America. 10. Identify and explain the historical significance of each of the following: -Columbian Exchange -Henry VIII -encomienda system -Sir Humphrey Gilbert -Roanoke -Richard Hakluyt Chapter 2: New World Experiments: England's Seventeenth-Century Colonies 1. Identify problems in England that were motives for emigration. 2. Discuss the colonization of Virginia and examine threats to the new colony. 3. Describe the role of tobacco in the Chesapeake colonies. 4. Discuss the role of religion in the founding and settlement of Maryland. 5. Identify the Pilgrims and analyze their settlement in New England. 6. Analyze social, cultural, political, and economic aspects of the founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. 7. Explain how the Puritans dealt with dissent in their colony. 8. Explain the role of cultural pluralism in the Middle Colonies. 9. Describe how the British gained control of New York. 10. Examine William Penn's "Holy Experiment" in America. 11. Summarize crucial factors in the founding of the Carolinas and of Georgia. 12. Identify and explain the historical significance of each of the following: - Captain John Smith -Sir George Calvert - Plymouth Rock -Roger Williams -"city on a hill”
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Chapter 3: Putting Down Roots: Opportunity and Oppression in Colonial Society 1. Compare and contrast social and economic conditions in New England with those in Virginia. 2. Describe the role of women in colonial societies. 3. Discuss the emergence and growth of slavery in the North American colonies. 4. Identify basic features of the mercantile system implemented under the Navigation Acts, and analyze the impact of these acts on the colonies. 5. Give examples of colonial unrest and analyze reasons for revolt.
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HIST 1301 Objectives - LEARNING OBJECTIVES Unit I Colonial...

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