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CHM235 LAB NOTES EXPERIMENT #13A - CHM235 Instructor Notes...

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CHM235: Instructor Notes for Lab # 13a- Synthesis of Isopentyl acetate ( Ref: Pavia et al, 4/e) 1. Reaction: 2. Follow the instructions outlined in Experiment # 13A with the following changes: a. The reagents for this lab will be segregated in the hoods for dispensing along with the dispensing pipet (1.0 mL capacity) and pump--the alcohol in one hood, and the acetic and sulfuric acids in the second. b. To insure adequate product to evaluate, we will "scale up" the reaction by using the following: (1) use a 10 mL round bottom flask instead of the 5mL conical vial; preweigh the flask in a small beaker, in which to transport and reweigh after the alcohol is added (2) use a round spin vane (3) for heating the reaction mixture, use a sand bath on top of a hotplate (4) use the following amounts: >>1.4 - 1.5 mL isopentyl alcohol (NOT 1.0) >>2.0 mL glacial acetic acid (NOT 1.5) >>3 drops concentrated sulfuric acid (NOT 2-3) >>1.5 mL increments of sodium bicarbonate solution (NOT 1.0) 3. For the workup, use the plastic encased magnet wand to removethe spin vane instead of tweezers.
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