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GC of Gasoline (Pavia, ExpGC of Gasoline (Pavia, Exp. 32) Test Conditions for running your chromatograms: Instrument: Hewlett Packard 5890: >>Carrier gas: nitrogen at flow rate of approx. 2 mL/min >>Split flow rate: 100 mL/min >>Column type: glass capillary >>Injector temperature: 110 deg C >>Detector temperature: 120 deg C >>Oven temperature program: 1st ramp: 35 - 45 deg C @ 10 deg C/min. 2nd ramp: 45 - 55 deg C @ 30 deg C/min. >>Sample size: 0.5 μ L >>Gasoline samples tested: "A" - "E"
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Unformatted text preview: >>Standards tested: pentane, hexane, heptane, benzene, toluene, xylenes (mix. of o-, m-, & p- isomers), ethanol, and a composite standard (Mix. A) containing all the previously named compounds except the ethanol Although replica spectra from a previous years class will be provided for comparison, each lab team should select ONE sample (either a standard or gasoline sample) with which to run your own chromatogram. These will then be consolidated, copies and shared with all lab teams. Please take care not to duplicate samples....
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