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EXAM 3 Study notes (percentages are approximate and are meant to give you a guide) Understand how to read and interpret phase diagrams, from Chapter 11. (20%) Be able to calculate the empirical formula and molecular formula and functional groups of a compound using experimental data: Mass Spectroscopy, Elemental analysis and Infrared Spectroscopy. (10%) Be able to calculate the frequency, wavelength and Energy for light interactions with matter. (20%), Don’t memorize the speed of light or Planck’s constant. Those will be given! Write Electron configurations for atoms and ions until Krypton. (15%) Draw Energy Level diagrams for atoms and ions until Krypton. (15%)
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Unformatted text preview: Be able to identify core and valence electrons. (2%) Be able to discuss trends in atomic/ionic radii, ionization energies and electron affinities. (18%) Use the powerpoints to study from, the examples in class and the homework assignments. Please read the chapters assigned. Some of the materials are not covered on this exam, but they are important to your understanding of chemistry. Consider the reading assigned and part of your work load. We are on the downhill slope of the course. Hang in there!! Really only Chapters 8, 9 and the rest of chapter 11. It should be interesting stuff!...
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