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San Jose State University Social Work 204: Social Policy Analysis Instructor: Amy D’Andrade Spring 2010 GUIDELINES – Policy Analysis Assignment Part 2: POLICY DESCRIPTION In this 3 page section of the paper, you are to describe in detail a policy or program designed to address the social problem described in Section 1. The program or policy may be at the local, state, or federal level. Your description of the policy/program should follow the framework of policy elements presented in class: 1) Mission/Goals/Objectives 2) Form of Benefits/Services 3) Eligibility 4) Administration/Service Delivery 5) Financing Within each element, you are to detail the types or characteristics of the element for the program or policy, providing information or elaboration as necessary to justify the categorization. Review Chambers & Wedel (in particularly Table 2.1) and your class notes. Note that not every “type” of
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Unformatted text preview: each element will be relevant to your program or policy; sometimes only one may be relevant, or sometimes several may be. Remember, this is not the analysis portion of the paper, so no judgment or assessment is involved. In this section you are not detailing whether or not the program adequately addresses a social problem, but rather simply describing what it does or what it is intended to do, using the framework. As always, start with an introductory paragraph or two, and end with a summary paragraph. Remember that the initial submission is not graded; you will receive a completed grading rubric showing what you would have earned had it been graded, and thus what revisions are suggested. LENGTH OF FIRST DRAFT: Approximately 3-4 pages DUE Week 8: 3/16/10 (Tuesday class); 3/18/10 (Thursday class)...
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