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10 page Paper on how to be a good Leader

10 page Paper on how to be a good Leader - WHAT IS...

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WHAT IS LEADERSHIP? In today’s society when we think of a leader, we usually think of people in the past that have changed our lives. Amongst these historical leaders, like Dr. Martin Luther King for example, we have noticed a change in the way people should be treated. His leadership qualities that he didn’t even know he had, made him take part in a movement that brought out his leadership qualities. Leaders are born with qualities that allow them to gain attention from others. Being a leader involves certain qualities that go along with being a leader. As a leader in a work environment, one must be able to deal with conflict within a group by solving the problem. After figuring out what the problem is, a solution to that problem must be attached. To every negative there is a positive and to every positive there is a negative. No one in this world is always right; someone might agree on one thing and disagree on another thing. In other words, figuring out the common needs and concerns of peers within that group is another major step to solving an issue. Clarifying, discussing and negotiating solutions can really make matters a lot more calm and stable. Getting two inputs instead of one makes everyone happy because both methods can be used. As a leader of a group that has created tension with one another, one must find possibilities and try not to dwell on any problems. The best way to deal with a situation that arises is by attacking the problem more than the person. Being a leader is a constant reminder that no one is better than anyone else. Moreover, it’s a good way to focus on legitimate needs and concerns. By keeping individuals motivated and focused on making them positive minded, the conflict will itself lessen. Using these steps or leadership skills will help create a team rather than
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a group. A team is more of a group of people who can get along with one another to solve a solution, whereas a group may have too many chiefs and not enough Indians. If a team has a game plan they make sure they stick with it. A good leader in any work environment will make others realize the importance of team work and how working together helps get the job done. STRATEGIES FOR MAKING A GOOD LEADER With Generation Y’ers rising quickly to leadership roles and filling the positions of the generation before them, current CEO’s are beginning to see the need and importance of human capital. Fortune 500 companies such as McDonalds, Capital One Financial, and American Express are now investing more time and money into programs meant to develop and strengthen the leadership of its employees. A study conducted by Fortune Magazine, Hewitt, and RBL
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10 page Paper on how to be a good Leader - WHAT IS...

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