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Feature Package ___________15(60) Name_____________ Create a “package” of features that you might eventually use as a demo to approach a station or network supplier with. The package will consist of 3 features and a generic promo. Identify a general topic that you can design a series of features around. Then produce three different features that that delve into distinct areas covered by your main topic. Your package should have identifying music that you use for all elements. Each feature should be a minute in length + or - :05 seconds. Some suggestions for feature topics are exploration of musical genres, entertainment news, local happenings, interviews of prominent people, campus life, to name a few. Maybe you can come up with a creative and unique topic! Design a feature that is informative, entertaining and
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Unformatted text preview: creative. Also produce a thirty second promo that reflects the sound of your feature package. Be sure to use your feature’s music. Twenty seconds of your promo should explain what your features are about. The last 10 second of your promo should be just a music bed that a local announcer might voice over a tag, telling the local audience when your features air. Do not voice this part; just leave a music bed for a voice over to be added later. File your feature package in your class folder and return this assignment sheet to receive credit. _______________________ Features Score (10 pts) Basic Session set up and use of editing & mixing (4pts) Feature topic creativity (2pts) Informative and entertainment values (4pts) Promo Score (5pts) Use of Pro Tools (2pts) Informative/entertainment value (3pts)...
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155_feature_package - creative. Also produce a thirty...

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