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SJSU --EDTE 190 Date due ______________ ASSIGNMENT: HEALTH RELATED FIELD PROJECT * 1. For this assignment you will have the opportunity to implement a health behavior change. Choose a health related activity you have never done. 2. Describe your experience, decisions, and issues raised. Include a photo if appropriate. 3. Identify and describe the pertinent National Health Education Standard 4. Documentation of your experience, statement of findings, National Health Education Standard, etc. should be a minimum of one page to a maximum of three pages typed. OPTIONS Install fire alarms and/or carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Or test/fix existing alarms. Obtain information from a reliable source to make a plan for escape from the house in an emergency. With the people in your residence, prepare and practice how to escape in case of an emergency. Discuss and take action to preserve important papers. Submit your floor plan, exit routes, and detailed write-up. Write a legal will using a standardized format. (Example:
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