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PERSONAL_QUESTIONS_ - Is there an opportunity to help the...

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SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY DUE DATE ________________ EDTE 190: HEALTH EDUCATION FOR TEACHERS ASSIGNMENT: RESPONDING TO STUDENTS’ PERSONAL QUESTIONS 1. Identify the grade level you are teaching. 2. Select two (2) personal questions that you may be asked by your students that would be embarrassing or emotionally difficult for you to answer. Examples: Did you have sex before you were married? Have you ever tried cocaine? Note: These are not factual or opinion questions. 4. Write a response to each question. The response should be worded exactly as you would respond to students. Some of the ways you can respond include: a. Answer truthfully. b. Answer with humor. c. Comment about the question. Example: “That sure was a great/interesting/unusual question,” or “I have never been asked that before…why do you ask?” d. Do not respond to the question and refocus the question. e. Bend the truth. f. Use example of a friend having the problem. g. Respond “Some questions are personal. . . . .” Remember to refocus the question back on the questioner.
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Unformatted text preview: Is there an opportunity to help the student problem solve or is there an opportunity to teach? What is the student’s real agenda? 5. Provide a rationale for each response. Considerations may include the best interests of the students, educational value of your response, your privacy and comfort level, rumors, the “telephone effect”, modeling setting limits, professional standards and responsibilities, community expectations of teachers, community values, legal issues, current practice and expectations at your school site and district. Also consider the age of the student and the setting in which the question was asked. Write-up: 1. Grade level of students For each question: 2. Your question. 3. Your response. Exactly what would you say? 4. The rationale and justification for your response, including your considerations in deciding how to answer. Points: 1 point per response and 1 point per rationale/justification ke 8/04...
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