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Film Sound Design ___________15(70) Name_____________ In this project you will design a soundtrack for a video. Create the soundtrack from visual clues from the video. Your soundtrack should have all the audio elements that you feel are necessary to creatively ‘tell the story’ to finish the film, including dialog, music and sound effects. Form a crew of 3 people. Collectively, your crew will be responsible for designing, recording, editing and mixing the soundtrack to your film. Each crew will have 3 ‘units’, a dialog unit, a music unit and a sound effects unit. Each crewmember will lead one of these units. Decide who will be the leader for each unit. Every individual in class shall be responsible for one unit inside their crew. Crewmembers shall share the work inside each unit, but it is the unit leader who is ultimately responsible for their unit. Each film will be graded on creativity and execution of the total film design, and be
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Unformatted text preview: assessed a group grade. Each unit will be graded on creativity and execution of the individual units, and each student will also receive an individual grade for their unit of responsibility. Adding the group score with the individual score will result in the total score for each student for this assignment. Create a session in the Sound Design folder, located in the RTVF 155 folder. Label this session with a film title. Import the QuickTime video RTVF 155-Movie.mov into your session-the QuickTime video file is located in the class folder. Return this assignment sheet to receive credit. ______________________ Group Score Film Title (1pt)_______________________ Basic session set up (3pts): Originality/Creativity of soundtrack (3pts): Individual Score, Your unit is: ________________ Originality/Impact of unit on film (3pts): Timing/Sound following visual cues (3pts): Production value of Unit (2pts):...
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