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San Jose State University Departments of Human Performance and Health Science HuP/HS 169 – DIVERSITY, STRESS, AND HEALTH (Advanced GE – Area S) Tuesdays 6pm – 8:45pm, SPXC 68 Semester: Fall 2004 Office: MH 439 Instructor: Mai Mai Cantos, MPH, CHES Elisa Hernandez, MPH, CHES Office Hours: By appointment Friday 12-1 pm Email: [email protected] , [email protected] Webpage: Cantos Hernandez I. COURSE DESCRIPTION The impact of structured inequalities and related psychosocial stressors on health, identity, and social status of diverse groups. Analysis of social actions and behavioral interventions that lead to greater equality, as well as mediate stress and optimize health. II. PREMISE AND GOALS Premise Diverse cultural groups that encounter prejudice, discrimination, and social injustice experience a form of double jeopardy. First, their experiences with prejudice and discrimination often result in unequal access and ownership to various resources (e.g., social support, health care, social and peer acceptance, employment and educational opportunities, financial and advancement opportunities, coping and intervention strategies). Second, their experiences of inequality are invariably associated with chronic stressors that result in health-related disorders and/or illnesses. Goals Students will study the interrelationship of individuals, racial/ethnic groups, and diverse cultural groups to understand and appreciate issues of diversity, equity, and structured inequalities in the U.S., its institutions, and its culture within the context of stress and health. From both a theoretical and experiential perspective, students will study behavioral interventions and social actions that: (a) diminish/eliminate inequalities and related stressors; and (b) promote health and social justice. Through cooperative exercises, students will develop new paradigms, ideas for new legislation, and social actions that promote equality and social justice. Course objectives will be achieved through: (a) didactic lectures; (b) interactive learning; (c) fieldwork assignments; (d) experiential exercises; (e) small group exercises and presentations; and, (f) research and critical thinking assignments. Particular attention will be given to examining inequalities that have been interwoven into the fabric of various social institutions (e.g., health care systems, educational institutions, advertising/ media agencies, financial and legal systems, business corporations, sport organizations and franchises, religious denominations, government/military institutions) within the context of stress and health.
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HuP/HS 169 P.2 III. COURSE OBJECTIVES Upon completion of the course, students will be able to: (a) recognize and describe structured inequalities and related psychosocial and environmental stressors and health risks prevalent in racial/ethnic groups and cultural
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HuP_HS_169_GREENSHT8.24.04 - San Jose State University...

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