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Motor Sizing Guiding Considerations Peak Torque, T peak Effective Continuous Torque (RMS Torque), T RMS Maximum Speed, ω max Other Factors, e.g., size, weight, cost, etc. (1) peak tot ext fric TJT T α =+ + 2 2 where: peak torque, N-m (or in-lb or ft-lb, etc.) total inertia of moving parts as seen by the motor shaft, kg-m angular acceleration of motor shaft, rad/s torque at motor shaft needed peak tot ext T J T = = = = to overcome externally applied forces or torques, N-m torque at motor shaft needed to overcome frictional forces or frictional torques, N-m fric T = 2 2 1 1 (2) t RMS cycle t TT d t t = Procedure Make a ‘ballpark’ estimate of the power required using rough calculations, estimation, or
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