Lab 6 - Air Water Heat Exchanger Open ended

Lab 6 - Air Water Heat Exchanger Open ended - MECHANICAL...

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ME115 – Lab #6 Air Water Heat Exchanger Lab The following laboratory experiment is open-ended. In other words, there will be no specific instructions telling you what to measure and calculate. Each lab group will be required to design experiments to satisfy the objectives described in this assignment, and do all necessary calculations and documentation. However, due to time constraints, multiple teams may need to take data at the same time. Introduction: Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) is an engineering profession not known to many engineering students. Many are not aware that there is an entire profession devoted to designing, fabricating, installing, maintaining and retrofitting HVAC systems. Professional engineers, project managers, field technicians and many others work together to design HVAC systems while adhering to strict regulations regarding indoor air quality and energy efficiency standards. Some examples of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning design applications include residential or commercial buildings, clean rooms for the high tech industry, food processing factories, and even small units for automobiles. In order to appreciate how heating, ventilation and air- conditioning systems work, you will need to understand the basic principles behind these complex systems. Objectives: The objectives of the lab are to: Identify the major components of a hot water heating system Perform energy balance calculations on a water to air heat exchanger Understand how heat exchangers are characterized Use knowledge gained thus far in the lab to design, conduct, and analyze an experiment. Apparatus: The Heat Exchanger Laboratory Testing Unit was a senior project developed by a team of students, faculty and industry sponsors. It models a closed loop hot water heating system found in a typical commercial building. The hot water system comprises of a boiler, pump, valves, expansion tank, in-line
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Lab 6 - Air Water Heat Exchanger Open ended - MECHANICAL...

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