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A1 What is soldering? Soldering is a method of connecting two or more pieces of metal using a relatively low- melting point filler metal called solder (pronounced, “sah-der”). The many applications of soldering include plumbing, stained glass making, and (of course) electronics. Most soldering is basically a two-step process: 1) heat metal, and 2) apply solder. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, like most skills getting good at it requires a bit of practice and patience. Before we go any further, however, let’s cover some safety tips. Safety As you will learn later (or may already know) most solder contains lead (Pb), which is well known to be a toxin. If you are PREGNANT or think you may be so, do NOT solder! In fact, stay away from the area where people are soldering to avoid breathing any of the fumes given off in the process. For those of you who are not pregnant, WEAR SAFETY GLASSES! Solder does splatter occasionally, and you do not want a molten mixture of lead and tin in your eye (it will ruin your week…not to mention your eye). Do not hunch over the piece you are soldering or breathe the smoke generated while soldering. You will get a mega headache if you breathe too much of it. While soldering, you will find many awkward ways to hold your soldering iron while trying to make connections. If (and when) you drop your iron, do NOT try to catch it…trust me, let it fall. When you are finished soldering, WASH YOUR HANDS. Use your common sense and if you see a dangerous situation arise, please inform the lab TA. Soldering irons The lab will provide soldering irons and solder for use in the lab, however, students are encouraged to purchase their own soldering irons for home use. They are one of many tools of the trade and come in very handy when repairing equipment or prototyping circuits. Several
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soldering_tutorial - A1 What is soldering? Soldering is a...

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