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Dating Profile Assign #1 - long and come to about my chin...

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Name: Miranda Cosgrove Age: 26 Sex: F Ht: 5’ 07 ¼ Wt: 109 1bs. Hello my name is Miranda Cosgrove and I am 5’ 07 and a quarter. I am currently single, in search of a genuine, sacrificial relationship. I have never been married yet; I would rather get it right the first time rather than just hit or miss. My eyes are my favorite feature because they are Hazel, the same color as my favorite actresses, Angelina Jolie. In the winter time my eye color darkens and is more of a blue/ green. However, in the spring and summer seasons they change and become a greenish/ brown. Since the 7 th grade a picture of my teeth has been the after picture 4 times for Crests before & after teethe commercials. I have shoulder length, very manageable hair that is a rich brown color. I currently have a, Bob, which is a hairstyle where the sides are
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Unformatted text preview: long and come to about my chin and the back would be a little pass ear-level. I am light-skinned with skin as smooth as velvet. I love baby lotion! This may be kind of weird but people say that I have a soothing scent. I guess I owe that to Johnson & Johnson. I love to smile, laugh, etc. I enjoy spending time with the person I love & traveling to other countries. I just recently visited Haiti and donated 10,000 dollars towards a relief effort. I feel like one can not be truly knowledgeable until you know what is going on around and not just what affects you. But when I am not traveling or shopping, Monday through Friday I am usually in a meeting. I work as a consultant for a fashion company....
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