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Letter - remodel the rooms so that the students have a...

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Ja’Mere Tyler English 15 Mr. Fonash 23 April 2008 Dear Penn State Housing, My name is Ja’Mere Tyler and I have been living in Beaver Hall this year and I will be staying  again next year.  I am very fond of Beaver Hall and that it is a co-ed building, and a special  living option, but what I do not like are the dorm rooms. The room is pretty much set when you  arrive the only thing you can move is one bed and it only moves to one place. I propose that you 
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Unformatted text preview: remodel the rooms so that the students have a little more freedom in the rooms. I feel that as I student I am paying a lot of money to live here so I should at least have a nice place to live. I understand that if you were to agree to remodel this dorm than others students will demand to remodel. They are right in demanding it, but I cannot speak for them because the only dorm I really know is Beaver...
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