motor mouth - JaMere Tyler English Reading Assignment Janet...

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Ja’Mere Tyler English Reading Assignment Janet Evanovich Book Comparison Stephanie Plum and Alexandra Barney are both characters in Janet Evanovich novels about young women who seem to be magnets for trouble and troubled relationships with their on and off again boyfriends. They both have hilarious sidekicks to help them when the going gets tough. Stephanie Plum is Trenton New Jerseys very own Bounty Hunter. She is known for her ability to get herself kidnapped by the people she is apprehending; her car’s blown up, being stalked and simply at the wrong place at the right time. Stephanie has a side kick name Lula who is an outrageously over weight and under dressed black female that also works as a file clerk for the same bond agency. Lulu happens to carry a gun that she doesn’t know how to shoot. Stephanie feels better since she keeps her own gun in the cookie jar in her apartment. They always seem to get their man or women no matter that they are the laughing stock of the local police. Stephanie doesn’t care since she is also the on again off again girlfriend of police detective Joe Morelli. The town is a small one so everyone knows Stephanie and despite laughing at her blunder her way as a bounty hunter she is looked after by the police. This is done to put Joe at ease since he can’t convince his girlfriend to get a regular job and leave criminals to the qualified. To complicate her life is her attraction to Ranger, who is a mysterious but interesting bounty hunter that goes after the more dangerous bonds for the agency. He is dark, Cuban and
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motor mouth - JaMere Tyler English Reading Assignment Janet...

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