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Proposal Pass Around Name: Ja’Mere Tyler In a “proposal statement,” state the particular problem you are discussing. I propose that Penn State remodel the dorm rooms in Beaver Hall 1. Who would be interested in this problem? Why? Any student living in Beaver Hall next year would be interested because the rooms aren’t very good. 2. What format might best fit this type of proposal, e.g., letter, open letter, editorial, academic essay? Why? The best format would be in a letter because it seems more professional. 3. What is exigent about this problem? Why is it necessary to talk about the causes and consequences to this problem right here and now? What strategies might the author consider to help connect with his or her audience? I think this is a problem that every student in Beaver Hall has. I think it is neccassary to talk now so that they don’t have to continue to hear it.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Will the author need to clearly define his or her topic and/or present a “mini causal analysis” of how or why the situation got to be the way it is? Write down at least one question that you have about the topic. no 5. What supporting arguments/points (refer to “The Four Basic Parts of a Recommendation Essay” handout) do you think that the author could make in support of his or her proposal? List three: 1. 2. 3. 6. Feasibility ( please do not simply answer “yes” or “no”): 1. Is the proposal affordable? I believe it would be affordable 2. Will it take too long? It might take a year or more 3. Will people get involved to do this? I think people will get involved 4. What trade-offs are involved? 5. What’s the first step? 6. What tone/voice might work best for this particular proposal? Why?...
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Proposal_Pass_Around - 4 Will the author need to clearly...

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