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Ja’Mere Tyler Graduation Project Reflection Essay The project that I chose to do for my graduation project was called “Winter Road Maintenance. Winter road maintenance is described as the type of treatment that roads and highways are given in the winter to help make winter driving safer when snow and ice are on the ground and could make conditions very hazardous. I researched the types of treatments that were used on roads and highways and how they were best applied depending on the temperature and types of road conditions. I tried to internalize most of my information so that I did not have to spend a lot of time reading my Power Point Presentation or making index cards to read off of. I had my doubts about my project even though I felt that I knew my material. I also got a little nervous when I was before my audience but overall they seemed like they were interested and I believe that helped me to relax a little and focus on getting through my presentation without trying to read their reactions to what I was saying and how I was presenting my material. What helped me during the initial process of choosing a topic was the way we were
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reflective essay - JaMere Tyler Graduation Project...

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