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November 26, 2006 Dear Ron Brown Scholarship Committee: I am writing this recommendation on behalf of Ja’Mere Tyler, who is also my son. He comes from a generation of males on both sides of his family who have either served time, have a history of drug use or are maintaining a lifestyle reflective of the streets. He will be the first male family member to graduate and go to college to earn a respectable degree and further his education. I have discovered Ja’Mere to be a young man who is determined to find his way in the world and set an example for his younger cousins, who seemed awed, by him to follow. He has always made good grades and steered clear of any trouble or anyone who could bring him trouble. He has made wise choices over the years to explore his options and was known to sacrifice his personal time during his summer vacations to attend universities or programs that would enhance his learning experience. He is quiet and reserved but possesses the potential to meet and exceed his goals once he
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