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This article focuses on freedom vs. determination and “group think” and how most of our  thoughts are very similar (if not the same) as those of the people around us. The thought that a  majority of Americans think about public breast feeding and also breast exposure is that is nasty  and inappropriate. I believe the reason we as a group think this is because a majority of  Americans are uncomfortable with their body so whenever someone is exposing their body we  start to feel uncomfortable. Also when you see someone breast feeding their child in public we  feel uncomfortable because we feel like it is something that should only be shared with mother  and child. And because we don’t do it every day it is deemed unnatural and inappropriate. The 
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Unformatted text preview: real question is why exposing yourself in public makes everyone around you uncomfortable? If you are comfortable with yourself then why can’t they? This article also speaks on group trends and how structure shapes our lives in ways that we rarely see. The reason we are actually seeing more woman breast feeding in public is may not be because they have the right to breast feed, but it may be because it is starting to become popular with celebrity mothers. Because it is becoming a trend with them and are fascination with celebrity and wanting to be like them, you now are seeing people breast feed because they saw there favorite celebrity doing it....
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