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Ja’Mere Tyler English Reading Assignment The Island Heather Graham 375 pages The main character Beth lived in Miami but decided to take a vacation with her brother, niece and her nieces’ friend. The Island was called Callipe Keys which is two to three hours back to Miami by boat. This was a good spot for fishing and camping on the island and that was what they had intended on doing. That was before Beth one of the main characters took a stroll on the beach and found a human skull. She didn’t want to scare the kids so she covered it up so that she could investigate later and hopefully report it to the authorities. She had remembered a retired couple who had lived on the island had went missing some time ago, but when she went back to look for the skull she couldn’t find it in the place where she had left it. Instead she found a mysterious man in its place who seemed to appear out of nowhere. He seemed friendly but Beth was shaken and so she became mysterious as well. Soon a few others showed up on the island and the man of mystery decided that they should have a cook out. He wove a tale at the fireside of ships at war, love, death and the lover’s spirits that still haunted the island. Beth was shaken by the tale and knowing that someone was wandering outside of her tent that night made it more clear that she had not been mistaken about what she had found. The others thought she was just spooked by the tale and what she thought she had discovered on the island. The mystery man still appeared distant and Beth’s mind went into detective overdrive wondering why nothing and no one seemed to be who they said they were. After the weekend Beth went back to Miami but couldn’t get what she believed to be an answer to the disappearance of the retired couple. So she did some investigating on her own and called on friends who were cops to investigate her discovery. While working as a social planner for a yacht club, she encountered others who knew the couple and didn’t believe that they just sailed around the world without keeping in touch with anyone. Soon another body was discovered nearby and the mystery man began to show up at odds times in Beth’s life. Someone left a dead cat at her front door, she was attacked at knife point, someone begin leaving skull messages on her desk and computer and her niece was threatened if she didn’t stop being so curious. Her brother was becoming angry because he feared he would not be able to protect her and she was becoming angry because she
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thought her cop friends were keeping something from her regarding the mystery man. Soon she feels like someone is constantly following her and they were but it was the mystery man who always seemed to be there when she got those weird feelings. The plot gets better as the mystery man reveals that he is on a secret assignment that may involve someone at the Yacht Club where she works, that her friends are friends of his and that she really is in danger. Two of the guest that was on the island was now being sought
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summer reading assigments - JaMere Tyler English Reading...

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