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Winter Road Maintenance - Winter Road Maintenance Winter...

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Unformatted text preview: Winter Road Maintenance Winter Ja’Mere Tyler Why I’m Interested Why Interest in civil engineering Previous research and knowledge on the Previous topic topic Grandfather was a city employee who did Grandfather winter road maintenance for over 20 years winter History of Rock Salt History 1670-Discovered Marbury, England Thirty yards by thirty four yards 1940-Detriot, Michigan Detriot major mining city Calcium Chloride Calcium More costly than salt Effective at temperatures below 0oF Gives off heat Draws moisture from the air Valuable in severe conditions Anti-icing Anti-icing Road Road maintenance strategy Ice control chemicals Most commonly used is de-icing Use on high service pavements Can be applied at low rates Abrasives Abrasives • • • Positives Sand, slag, cinders, Sand, and bottom ash and Improves vehicle Improves traction traction Valuable when too Valuable cold for de-icers cold • • • Negatives Clog storm water Clog inlets and sewers inlets May wash into May streams and lakes streams Air pollution Process of Melting Snow and Ice Process Balance of chemicals is important Colder temperatures receive more salt Warmer temperatures receive less salt More time to react, better results Early application is critical Early Environmental Impact Environmental Soil, Soil, vegetation, water, highway facilities and vehicles Most damage is within 60 feet Greatest close to the pavement Highly soluble and follow any water flow Can accelerate deterioration in concrete Can and steel structures and Environmental Impact Vehicle corrosion Stockpile runoff Spreading Rate Spreading No two storms are alike Apply enough de-icer to remove snow or Apply ice ice Spread between 100 and 300 pounds per Spread single lane mile single 150 to 200F is lower limit for salt At lower temperatures calcium chloride At and magnesium chloride are better choices choices Spreaders and Chutes Spreaders Spinning Spinning circular plate throws de-icer out in a semi-circle in Distribute de-icer in a windrow on a road Spreaders can be equipped with Spreaders automatic or ground-oriented controls automatic Effective in reducing wasted chemicals Different materials spread at different Different rates rates ANY QUESTIONS ANY THE END THE ...
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