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CVIM uses multiple avenues to get the attention of the people of Centre County. A couple examples of what they do are using radio spot-ads, billboards (which are mostly found in rural areas rather than big cities or on the sides of highways), word of mouth (which comes mostly from members of churches and community leaders) and networking with other medical communities. CVIM also networks with a lot of companies such as Indigent Drug Co. who offers very cheap pharmaceuticals and the
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Unformatted text preview: discounted drugs save CVIM around $40,000. About 20 restaurants around the area provide free lunches for employees. Other networks include churches, oral surgeon, over 110 connections with spets (herbalist, hygienists, etc.), PSU who have volunteer organizations, nursing department and psychology department, in house social workers such as welfare, women, infant and children (WIC) and Medicare and Mount Nittany General who provide MRIs and CAT scans....
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