Born in Death - JaMere Tyler English Reading Assignment...

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Ja’Mere Tyler English Reading Assignment Born In Death J.D.Robb Pages 325 Lieutenant Eve Dallas and Roarke are at their best in this new novel and ongoing series of the life of a New York female cop and her billionaire husband who was once a common criminal in the streets of Dublin, Ireland. Eve’s friend Mavis is ready to have her baby and they have been picked as the birthing coaches. This scares them because of their own childhoods, but Mavis is an old friend and neither of them wants to disappoint her. The usual characters, Detective Peabody, her boyfriend and computer geek McNab, his boss Feeney and the butler Somerset are all their to lend their support in this novel. There is a new character Tandy who has become Mavis’s friend and she is pregnant too. The story begins when two up and coming financial wizards are killed. Once the investigation gets under way it is discovered that the female victim and not her fiancé was the target. They were nice kids everyone seemed to like them and were genuinely upset by the news of their death. So the question is who would want them dead? The story takes a twist when Eve has to go against a large accounting firm to get her questions answered. Eve will be gaining private and confidential information to some of her husband’s competition. The question now being raised is rather or not Roarke will use the information he obtains as a civilian consultant to the police force to advance his status as a billionaire. This upsets both her and Roarke but they decide to not let that stop them from finding out who murdered the young couple. Roarke decides to have his lawyers draw up a brief that will allow him to only work with the numbers and not the
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Born in Death - JaMere Tyler English Reading Assignment...

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