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Anthro - you are not comfortable So maybe they don’t come...

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Ja’Mere Tyler 4 April 2008 When I walk around State College I usually don’t pay attention to what it is  around me but when I finally do how regular State College is. It doesn’t yell that I’m high  class or low class it just feels regular, nothing special to talk about.  There isn’t a great  deal of diversity here I could probably go about two blocks down the street without  seeing another African-American person and why is that? Is it because they are scared  to come here or because Penn State doesn’t want them to come here? Though I doubt  that would be the reason, but sometimes I find myself asking dumb questions like that. I  think it goes more on the line of being comfortable, it is hard going to a school where 
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Unformatted text preview: you are not comfortable. So maybe they don’t come here because they are not used to being at a school with a lot of other ethnicities. Well I went to an all black high school so a lot of people thought that it would be weird for me, but it hasn’t been. They said I would deal with a lot of racism ,but I actually I found that a lot of the people in State College treat each other really nice and with as much respect as you can expect to receive. In conclusion, I am a person who is not very good at details so when I do look around I usually don’t notice anything, but the next time I walk through downtown I will make sure to look a little more and a little harder....
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