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Assignment: Learning Styles Well my personality type is an organizer according to the personality spectrum. The study techniques they got listed are good and basically what I have been doing. To function better by using the techniques would simply be to continue what I’ve been doing so they will become second nature maybe. As far as my verbal/linguistic intelligence goes to function better, I would perhaps try teaching someone else to see what kind of results I would get back. However I think I would have to actually use the techniques a few times to answer this question better. Now my less developed intelligence is being naturalistic. I think my first approach in improving in this area would be to actually pay it attention. After that I guess I would research a nice amount of information about it to get a deep understanding of nature then connect with nature whenever possible. Another area I could use more development in is my giver personality trait. The study techniques I would use would be to seek out tasks, groups, and subjects that involve helping
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