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CheckPoint - Multiple Intelligences

CheckPoint - Multiple Intelligences - CheckPoint Multiple...

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CheckPoint: Multiple Intelligences I have high verbal-linguistic intelligence. After discovering this, I wasn’t very surprised. I’ve always had a way with words. Reading and writing has come easily to me my whole life. My mother used to joke and say that I was going to be one of those genius children one sees on television, but that never really quite happened. Math and science never was something I excelled in, I always received good grades, but I had to work very hard to receive As and Bs in those courses. This was unlike reading, writing, and any language I took in school. I never quite understood why I had such a knack for Spanish. When we had to take a year of French in middle school, I found that I excelled in that as well. Remembering words was like second nature to me; I always found a way to relate tough definitions or words in other languages to a word in English that would help me remember the meaning. I enjoy learning, reading, and teaching others to learn as well.
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