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last notes - Ancient Mesoamerica Mesoamerica culture and...

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Ancient Mesoamerica Mesoamerica: culture and geographic area Olmec and the foundations of Mesoamerican civilization Mesoamerica Between North America and Central America (Modern day Mexico, Belize) Extra tropical drylands- deserts Cool tropical highlands- mountains open and deforested Warm tropical highlands- like LA but warmer Mesoamerican lowland- jaguar, spider monkey, pig like animal Mesoamerica: chronology Early Hunters (Paleo-Indian until 7000BC) Incipient agriculture (Archaic, until 1800BC) Preclassic ( until AD 250) Olmec Early Zapotec Classic ( 250-900 AD) Zapotec Teotihuacan Maya Post-classic (AD 900- Spanish conquest in 1521)- known for many competing empires Collapse of most Maya center Toltec Mixtec Aztec- win most of the battles These groups were not in a linear sequence all mixed at the same time
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The olmec: overview 1200-400 BC An art style then through Archaeology found to be a people and civilization Gulf coast region: states of Veracuz and Tabasco Olmec: the “rubber people” Art- big head, talk as a person, colossal head Stirling recorded the heads The olmec art style Miquel covarrutias Saulptural art Pprtable jade art vs. monumental basalt stonework Concept of “Mother Cluture” Very sensual, fluid, on lots of media type/ mostly stones Olmec deities- man kneeling with jaguar face Wore goggles symbol of what God you were Cleft head- linked to corn agriculture and fertility Don’t know who colossal heads represent Men Ball players maybe because of the helmet People draw false conclusions that heads were black from aftria
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last notes - Ancient Mesoamerica Mesoamerica culture and...

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