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Hinson 5-4 Statement of Cash Flows

Hinson 5-4 Statement of Cash Flows - Cash Flows from...

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Intermediate Accounting I Assignment 5-4 Statement of Cash Flows Jamie Hinson February 4, 2008 Exercise 4-16 Wainwright Corporation Statement of Cash Flows For March 2006 Cash Flows from Operating Assets Collections from customers* $175,000 Purchase of inventory** (70,000) Payment of selling and admin.exp.*** (77,000) Net Cash flows from Operating Activities 28,000 Cash Flows from Investing Activities Purchase of equipment (40,000)
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Unformatted text preview: Cash Flows from Financing Activities Issuance of Common Stock 300,000 Net increase in cash 288,000 Cash Flows for March 2006 $288,000 * – Sales revenue plus decrease in accounts receivable. ** – Cost of goods sold, plus increase in inventory, less increase in accounts payable. ***– Selling and Administrative expenses, plus decrease in payables for selling and administrative expenses....
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