Ecology Inquiry Project -- Bear Density

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Lacy Pakebusch October 4, 2007 RENR 205 Bear Cam Inquiry During my investigations of the Grizzly bears that inhabit McNeil River, I have found they have many interesting behaviors. Although these animals are normally solitary, many of these animals interact on the river during the good fishing season in the summer months. After observing bears on still shots for a six day period, I observed that bears are fishing in high and low concentrations in different sections of the river. These bears tend to fish in a higher density in the rapids than in the calmer water just a few meters away. I will attempt to prove my hypothesis using the grizzly bear still shots given on WebCT Vista. In my studies I collected a total of thirty still shots that helped me form my hypothesis. I used these still shots provided on WebCT Vista to test my hypothesis by comparing the number of bears in and around the rapids to the number of bears in proximity to the calmer water. At first my hypothesis included a time and density
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