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Psychology September 4, 2008 Chapter 1: The Evolution of Psychology What is Psychology? - Scientific study of behavior and mental processes - Sciences use systematic methods Observe, Describe, Predict, Explain - Behavior can be directly observed - Mental processes cannot be directly observed History of Psychology ; Quest to Answer Ancient Questions Philosophy: - Is there a link between mind and body? Natural Science: - Darwin’s Principle of Natural Selection From Speculation to Science: How Psychology Developed Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) University of Leipzig, Germany - Campaigned to make psychology an independent disipline - Established the first laboratory for the study of psychology in 1879 Psychology was born Wilhelm Wundt’s International Influence Leipzig, the place to study psychology - Graduates of Wundt’s program set up new labs across Europe and North America G. Stanely Hall (1846 - 1924), Johns Hopkins University - Established the first psychology laboratory in the U.S. in 1883 (See diagram figure 1.1 - Early Research Laboratories in
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Psychology_September_4th - Psychology September 4, 2008...

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