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Linking Literature to Economics: Reading, Writing, Homer Price, and Doughnuts Presented By: Donna Demarchos Aldine I.S.D.-Hill Intermediate E-mail- [email protected] Synopsis : In the story, Homer’s uncle has a new capital resource, a doughnut machine, which gets out of hand producing hundreds of doughnuts. In the process, he figures out a way to sell the hundreds of doughnuts by helping a woman find a bracelet she lost. Readers learn about such economic concepts as capital resources, productivity, and supply and demand through the series of comical events. Informational Background : Doughnuts have been around for centuries, and no one knows exactly when they were invented. There are many versions explaining the origin of the doughnut and here are three: 1. In 1847, Elizabeth Gregory was known in her New England circle to make a very fine olykoek, or oily cakes, and taking sweet dough balls and frying them in pork fat. Her secret was to add a hint of nutmeg and fill the center with hazelnuts or walnuts. She even had a special name for her creation -- dough-nuts. Her son, Hanson Gregory, realized they were always soggy, or a bit raw, in the middle, so he asked his mom to cut out the center of the fried cake. She decided to do that to all of the fried cakes and people actually liked them.
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2. Archaeologists turned up several petrified fried cakes with holes in the center in prehistoric ruins in the Southwestern United States. How these early Native Americans prepared their doughnuts is unclear. 3. Many people believe it was the Dutch who invented doughnuts. A Dutch snack made from potatoes had a round shape like a ball, but, like Gregory’s dough balls, needed a little longer time when fried to cook the
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107-LinkLittoEconHomerPrice - Linking Literature to...

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