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Unformatted text preview: Ø ª ðØ·ª P 1 D Dominick Salvatore, International Economics D the 8th edition 2004D 2 D Mordechai E. Kreinin, International Economics: a Policy Approach,ð ˆ Ø · ª 5 2003D 3D Robert J. Carbaugh.,International Economics 2005D ~2 ¨ðØ·ª5 , ps·ª5 á Õ mL 8 ( ] 8 2002D ( 4D (D ) D A•D • , (D ) D H• ^ • 8( Ê ”X 2001D 5D (D ) ¨ ð •· ª 5 ,o • feq dq 2002D 6ps·ª 5 á Õ mL 8 ( ] 8 2000D 7D ,˜ A q/8 ( € ð Ø· ª 5 p s · 2003D D D ~ D q Ë”X D qË w ¨ðØ·ª 5 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Aw D Chen and Roberts D 1997 D “Firm Heterogeneity and Export-Domestic Price Differentials: A Study of Taiwanese electronics products, Journal of International Economics, Volume 54, Number 1, June 2001 , pp. 149-169(21) Baldwin and Forslid, 2000,"Trade Liberalization and Endogenous Growth: A qTheory Approach," Journal of International Economics, vol. 50, No. 2, pp 497517. Baldwin, John R and Wulong Gu. 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Volume (Year): 87 (1979), Pages: 253-66. Krugman, Paul.(1994)."The Myth of Asia’s Miracle," Foreign Affairs, 73 (November/December), p62-78. Mundell, Robert A. (1961)., “A Theory of Optimum Currency Areas”, American Economic Review. (3) Obstfeld, M. and K. Rogoff (1995): “The mirage of fixed exchange rate”, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol.9, Issue4. Williamson, J. (1985): “The Exchange Rate System”, Policy Analyses in International Economics, No 5. Williamson, J. (1991), “The Great Exchange Rate Controversy: Trade Balances and the International Monetary System: Comment”, in Bergsten, C. Fred, ed. International adjustment and financing: The lessons of 1985-1991, Washington, D.C.: Institute for International Economics, 1991, pages 239-44. Xu, B. (2000), ''Multinational Enterprises, Technology Diffusion, and Host Country Productivity Growth'', Journal of Development Economics, 62: 477-493. Xu, B., and J. Wang (1999) ''Capital Goods Trade and R&D Spillovers in the OECD'', Canadian Journal of Economics, 32: 1258-1274. D (1999), “ y q / 8 ( ,D ” ,D 4 D D (1999)o “ feq @ w@ ”B@ E 5 7D D (1996) “ qË” X ” e@ 7 D (2000)o “ feq w@ q Ë ”@ E ) 9 D D (2002)] “ 8( Ê” X ” Ë ” @ 1D D D 2007o feq @ qd Ë” E @ 3D C 7 YõØ·ª5 D D ¸òØ·ª5 ¸òØ·ª5 ¸òØ·ª5 ¸òØ·ª5 ¸òØ·ª5 ¸òØ·ª5 ¸òØ·ª5 ¸òØ·ª5 ¸òØ·ª5 ¸òØ·ª5 ¸òØ·ª5 7 P¸ ò .Ø · ª· 5 ¸òØ·ª5 D D D International Economic of D D Journal of Applied Econometrics, The Journal of Finance, The Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Journal of International Business Studies, the Journal of Monetary Economics Review D Journal International Economics, Journal literature, of Economic Journal of Economic Perspective, J7 P ournal of Economists, The Review of Economic Studies D The American Economic Review http://www.nber.org XÊM http://statlab.stat.yale.edu/SSDA/ssda.htm http://www.census.gov/ http://www.bls.gov/ X X http://fxylib.znufe.edu.cn/lhgwjzlxt.htm Ê http://www.princeton.edu/~pkrugman/ D http://europa.eu.int/index.htm JUSTOR h o n · ª http://www.jstor.org OECD D XÊ PROQUEST h o n· ª http://www.oecd.org/ http://proquest.calis.edu.cn/index.jsp ho n ·ª http://www.worldbank.org/ Penn world table: ho n ·ª 5 : http://www.imf.org/ http://put.econ.upenn.edu/php-site/put-index.php WTO D http://www.wto.org Altaplana h o n · ª 5 : http://altaplana.com/gate.html h o n · ª 5 BvD ˜ A q/ 8 ( y on · ª5 ps · http://www.vanderbilt.edu/AEA/ http://lib.znufe.edu.cn/DispArticle.asp? y q /8 ( A=653&Content=1 yq/8( www.cnki.net ho n ·ª 5 http://www.stats.gov.cn/ http://www.cnnewspaper.com XÊ y q /8 ( ho n ·ª 5 ho n ·ª 5 ...
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