An evaluation of the ergonomics of three computer keyboards

An evaluation of the ergonomics of three computer keyboards...

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An evaluation of the ergonomics of three computer keyboards A. Z ECEVIC*, D. I. M ILLER and K. HARBURN Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario N6A 3K7, Canada Keywords: Typing; 3D video analysis; Wrist angles; Hand posture; CTD. The in¯ uence of keyboard design on hand position, typing productivity and keyboard preference was evaluated by comparing two segmented alternative designs with the linear standard keyboard. The FIXED alternative keyboard featured a split angle of 12 8 and a moderate lateral inclination angle of 10 8 . The adjustable OPEN alternative keyboard was used with a 15 8 split setting, which resulted in a marked 42 8 of demiboard lateral inclination. Sixteen typists, who completed 10 h of training on both alternative keyboards, were videotaped while typing set texts on all three keyboards. Forearm and wrist angles based on three- dimensional video analyses were signi® cantly diOEerent ( p < 0.05) among the three designs tested. Both alternative keyboards placed the forearm and wrist closer to neutral positions than did the standard keyboard. While the OPEN keyboard reduced pronation, it simultaneously increased radial deviation. The FIXED keyboard kept the forearm in moderate pronation and the wrist closer to neutral.
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An evaluation of the ergonomics of three computer keyboards...

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