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Verold The Vision– Terraforming Cyberspace Verold is in the process of developing a peer-to-peer distributed computing platform, supporting 3D Massively Multiuser Online (MMO) Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/ AR) Worlds. This general purpose platform will enable the development of 3D VR/AR worlds of various genres through an integrated set of 3D content authoring software tools, software components and web services. Our platform will make the creation of MMO 3D AR/VR worlds easier, faster, and cheaper than ever before, enabling a greater number of businesses and consumers to access the power of this new medium. From a business perspective our platform has the following implications: “3D”: Our innovative semantic oriented 3D modeling and animation software will enable the rapid creation of assets for 3D interactive applications (i.e. games, simulation and training), cutting the time of producing 3D content by up to 80%. Our content creation tools will allow the rapid creation and recycling of high quality 3D assets. The attached appendix A contains more information on how our ±rst generation tools work. “Massively Multiuser”: This provides the opportunity for businesses to engage and build relationships with massive numbers of consumers: consumers who will buy real things (i.e. physical goods and services) and virtual things (i.e. software, premium web services, and 3D assets such as avatars and other AR/VR worlds props). "Online": Consumers using our platform to work collaboratively (telecollaborate), communicate, share media, play and express themselves. “Peer-to-peer distributed computing”: Instead of using massive central server farms to simulate a AR/VR world, Verold uses a highly scalable, peer-to-peer, distributed computing platform, of²oading the computation work to the computing devices of the very users logged into the world. By drawing on the peer-to-peer network of users, Verold worlds will be able to handle a hundred times more users than standard server- based AR/VR world platform, at a fraction of the cost. “General Purpose Platform”: In contrast to the current trend of constructing vertical, specialized AR/VR worlds, we are building a horizontal, general purpose platform that can be customized into any type of specialized AR/VR world - such as an MMORPG 1 game or an enterprise teleconferencing application. Further, the programming environment, will run in a highly ef±cient, cross-platform virtual machine, ensure that it can be deployed on top of any hardware device (i.e. desktop, laptop or iPad or 1 MMORPG: Massively Mul±-user Online Role Playing Game
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smartphone), or host OS (i.e. it can run on top of Widows, OSX, Linux and as a plug-in to a conventional web browser). Currently, no product exists in the market today which offers these features in one
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Verold_Vision-Terraforming_Cyberspace-AR_Feb2010 - Verold...

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