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Sample TEst2_2204-6-8 answers0 (1) - Chemistry...

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Chemistry 2204/6/8 (2010) Test 2A Name: ABENOR Marks are in parentheses 1. (8) Circle and name any 8 functional groups found in the molecules shown below: alcohol ester Secondary amide sulfide epoxide ester ether ester Tertiary amide carboxylic acid 2a (4) Draw the enolate of the lactone (cyclic ester) shown below. Show the two resonance forms of the enolate. Calculate the degree of unsaturation of the parent ester – show the details of your calculation. O O enolate deg of unsaturation = Base enolate O - O O O 10-6 2 = 2 1 db and 1 ring 2b (2) Rank the following 3 molecules with respect to oxidation state. (1) highest (3) lowest H O O OH O H O HO HO OH 2 3 1 Oxidation state is related to number of bonds to an electronegative atom (oxygen) 3a (2) Name the following molecule. O OCH 2 CH 3 1 2 3 4 5 Ethyl 4-methyl-2Z-pentenoate 3b (2) Draw the correct structure for the following molecule. Show stereochemical details. Methyl (
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Sample TEst2_2204-6-8 answers0 (1) - Chemistry...

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