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Assignment 1 2010 - a(2 points AgF 2 2Br AgBr 2F-b(2 points...

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2010 CHM 2353 Assignment 1 1.  (10 pts) a) General chemistry is a perquisite for this course.  What topic(s) in general chemistry did you find most  difficult?  b) Explain briefly (but not too briefly) why it is important to the success of your program of study to  have a basic fundamental knowledge and understanding of inorganic chemistry.   2.   (6 pts)  What are the raw materials used in the industrial production of:  a) H 2 SO 4  (i.e. where do you get the H, the S and the O?) b) NaOH c) nitrogen based fertilizer 3. Based on the HSAB principle will the following reactions take place.  Explain your reasoning.
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Unformatted text preview: a) (2 points) AgF 2- + 2Br- AgBr- + 2F-b) (2 points) Ni(CO) 4 + 4NH 3 –Ni(NH 3 ) 4 + 4CO c) (2 points) PH 4 I + NH 3 NH 4 I + PH 3 4. Tell whether aqueous solutions of the following will be acidic, basic or neutral. For those that are not neutral, write the chemical equation to show why they are not. a) (2 points) NH 4 NO 3 b) (2 points) NaNO 3 c) (2 points) CaH 2 d) (2 points) NaHSO 4 5. (4 points) Consider the following acids: HPO 4 2- HClO 2 , HBrO 4 . Rank the acids in order of strength, from weakest to strongest and explain your reasoning....
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