Assignment 7 2010 - 3(3 points Why is SiCl 4 a lewis acid...

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2010 Chemistry 2353 Assignment 7  1.   (4 points)  Assume that aluminium ore contains Al 2 O 3  and it is being leached out by aqueous  NaOH.  a) Write the equation for the process;  b) why would Fe 2 O 3  not dissolve under similar conditions ? 2.  (3 points)  Why is it logical that +3 ions would occupy the octahedral holes in spinel structure?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. (3 points) Why is SiCl 4 a lewis acid and CCl 4 not? 4. (4 points) Explain why N 2 gas is generally unreactive. Why is Li the only group 1 metal to react with N 2 to form a nitride? 5. (3 points) Why does SF 6 sublime at -63.8 o C and SF 4 boil at -38 o C?...
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