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HSS 3321 2010 GG (1) - Gatan Girard M.Sc. FALL 2010...

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Gaëtan Girard M.Sc. FALL 2010 University of Ottawa Faculty of Health Sciences Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences HSS 3321-A Sociology of Health FALL 2010 PLEASE DO NOT PRINT . BE GREEN AND SAVE ON IT ON YOUR COMPUTER! Class Schedule: Wednesday: 4:00 - 5:30 PM, SMD 224 Friday: 2:30 - 4:00 PM, SMD 224 Professor: Gaëtan Girard, M.Sc. [email protected] Course developed by: Miriam Levitt, Ph.D. [email protected] Availability: Before and after class, or by appointment Description of the course The course will explore the social determinants of individual and population health and the related factors that shape health and illness in Canada. Examine the effect of poverty, social networks, lifestyle and community factors on the health of Canadians. Study the impact of the social structure on the Canadian health care system and the examination of the socio-historical context. Objectives of the Course At the end of session, the students will be in a position to better understand the: Social construction of health and illness Social, political and economic factors that shape an individual’s experience of health and illness Differences in the experience of sickness in terms of social class, age and gender Structure and organization of the health care system, the nature of health care occupations and construction of medical knowledge Mode of Teaching This course is taught through a combination of lectures, discussions and audiovisual materials. Web CT will be used to post course outlines and to provide answers to course related questions. 1
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Gaëtan Girard M.Sc. FALL 2010 Schedule and Content Week 1 8-10 September Introduction to the Sociology of Health Chapter 1: Ways of Thinking Sociologically about Health, Illness and Medicine, pp. 2-24 Week 2 15-17 September Theoretical Perspectives on Health, Illness and Medicine Chapter 2: Ways of Studying Health, Illness, and Medicine Sociologically, pp. 25-42; DVD: Violence in the Workplace and Stress in the Workplace Week 3 22-24 September Canada in International and Historical Context Chapter 3: Disease and Death: Canada in the International and Historical Context, pp. 43-83 The Role of the Environment and Occupation on Health and Illness Chapter 4: Environmental and Occupational Health and Illness, pp. 84-109; DVD: A Hudson River PCB Story: A Toxic Heritage; Twenty Years without Justice: The Bhopal Chemical Disaster Week 4 : 29 September Revision and preparation for exam HAND-IN GROUP MEMBERS, POSITION PAPER TOPIC AND OUTLINE ON SEPTEMBER 29 th 2010 Week 4 : 1 October EXAM #1 Week 5 : 6-8 October The Social Determinants of Health: Social Inequality, Disease and Death Chapter 5: Social Inequality, Disease and Death: The Social Determinants of Health, pp. 110-135; DVD: Stolen Childhoods Guest Speaker: TBD Week 6 13-15 October The Social Determinants of Health: Social Inequality, Age, Gender, Race, and Ethnicity Chapter 6: Social Inequality, Disease and Death in Canada; Age, Gender,
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HSS 3321 2010 GG (1) - Gatan Girard M.Sc. FALL 2010...

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