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final-project - have a project coordinator The team...

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Final Project For the final project, you should research on how MIPS architecture is used in modern computer systems. For example, you can research on the application of MIPS in SGI processor, or something related to Nintendo console. You can also discuss other computer architecture if you like. However, the topic should be closely related to the computer architecture. You will need to work within a team of 3 students for the final project. Please send me email once you have a team and have selected a project. Each team should
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Unformatted text preview: have a project coordinator. The team coordinator should send me the email no later than November 16th. You will need to make 15 minutes presentation during class for the final project. Only two members from your team will be allowed to make the presentation. Please practice on the presentation since you should not exceed the 15 minutes limit. The presentation is scheduled for November 27th and November 29th....
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