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Antenna Engineering ECE 5318/6352 Objectives – Part II Definition of array: approximations in calculating far fields; element pattern; array factor; total field; geometry, coordinates, spacing, phase shift. Two element array: derivation of fields; array factor; calculation of fields and radiation pattern given spacing and phase shift; calculation of zeros and maxima. Broadside arrays: array factor; position of nulls, position and value of maxima; half power points; 3 dB beamwidth; minor lobes; sidelobe ratio. Endfire arrays: (same as broadside above); Hansen-Woodyard condition.
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Unformatted text preview: Phased arrays: (same as broadside above); bean scanning. Directivity: broadside; endfire; scanned. Graphical formulation of antenna radiation pattern. Schelkunoff’s polynomial representation; binomial array; null placement; equal spacing of zeros. Chebyshev arrays: properties of Chebyshev polynomials; array factor; graphical formulation of array factor from polynomial; formulation of radiation pattern; calculation of current excitation coefficients; total calculation beginning from sidelobe ratio....
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