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Antenna Engineering ECE 5318 / ECE 6352 Objectives - Part I Chapter 1 - Antennas Definition; history; books; journals; background. Chapter 2 - Fundamental Parameters of Antennas Radiation patterns (polar, rectangular, field strength, power, linear, dB, 2D, 3D) isotropic, directional, omnidirectional, principal patterns, E-plane, H-plane, lobes (minor, side, back), field regions (reactive near, radiating near, far), radian, steradian. Chapter 3 - Radiation Integrals and Auxiliary Potential Functions Electric field, magnetic field, magnetic vector potential, magnetic scalar potential, electric
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Unformatted text preview: current density, magnetic current density, electric vector potential, electric scalar potential, far field approximation, duality, reciprocity. Chapter 4 - Linear Wire Antennas Infinitesimal dipole (radiated power, radiation resistance, near and far field, directivity); small dipole (field, radiation resistance, directivity, current distribution); finite dipole (sinusoidal current distribution, fields, patterns, radiation resistance, directivity, input impedance); half wave dipole, folded dipole, vertical and horizontal dipoles above a ground plane....
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