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Unformatted text preview: Page 1 Ref Authors Year Title Journal Vol Issue Pages 1S. A. Long, M. W. Mcallister and L. C. Shen 1983The resonant cylindrical dielectric cavity antenna Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Transactions on 31 3 406-412 2M. Mcallister, S. Long and G. Conway 1983Rectengular dielectric resonator antenna Electronics Letters 19 6 281-219 3M. W. Mcallister and S. A. Long 1983Resonant hemispherical dielectric antenna Electronics Letters 20 16 657-659 4M. Haneishi, H. Takazawa and T. Aoki 1984Planar array composed of dielectric resonator antennas 67 12 1486-1487 5M. Haneishi and H. Takazawa 1985 Electronics Letters 21 10 437-438 6S. A. Long and M. W. Mcallister 1986Input impedance of the dielectric resonator antenna International Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves 7 4 555-570 7Y. M. Bezborodov and S. F. Massalitin 1986Dielectric resonator antenna devices Radiotekhnika, Part 2 (Radio Engineering) 41 10 123-126 8A. A. Kishk, H. A. Auda and B. C. Ahn 1987 Electronics Letters 23 25 1374-1375 9M. Haneishi and H. Aoyagi 1987 70 1 170-171 10R. A. Kranenburg and S. A. Long 1988 Electronics Letters 24 18 1156-1157 11A. N. Sivov and A. D. Chuprin 1988Synthesis of a resonant antenna enclosed in a dielectric 33 4 1-6 12N. N. Agamalyan and G. G. Karapetyan 1988Experimental investigation of a dielectric resonator antenna 43 2 127-129 13A. A. Kishk and A. Z. Elsherbeni 1989 43 3 158-165 14A. A. Kishk, B. Ahn and D. Kajfez 1989Broadband stacked dielectric resonator antennas Electronics Letters 25 18 1232-1233 15R. K. Mongia 1989 Electronics Letters 25 7 462-464 16 1990Dielectric resonator antenna using aperture coupling Electronics Letters 26 24 2015-2016 17R. A. Kranenburg, S. A. Long and J. T. Williams 1991Coplanar waveguide excitation of dielectric resonator antennas Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Transactions on 39 1 119-122 Transactions of the Institute of Electronics and Communication Engineers of Japan Broadband circularly polarised planar array composed of a pair of dielectric resonator antennas Accurate prediction of radiation patterns of dielectric resonator antennas A consideration of mutual coupling between dielectric resonator antennas Transactions of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers Microstrip transmission line excitation of dielectric resonator antennas Soviet Journal of Communications Technology & Electronics (English translation of Radiotekhnika i Elektronika) Telecommunications and Radio Engineering (English translation of Elektrosvyaz, and Radiotekhnika) Radiation characteristics of dielectric resonator antennas loaded with a beam-forming ring AEU, Archiv fuer Elektronik und Uebertragungstechnik: Electronics and Communication Half-split dielectric resonator placed on metallic plane for antenna applications J. T. H. St. Martin, Y. M. M. Antar, A. A. Kishk, A. Ittipiboon and M. Cuhaci Page 2 18K. W. Leung, K. M. Luk and K. Y. A. Lai 1991Input impedance of hemispherical dielectric resonator antenna Electronics Letters...
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DRA_Bibliography_Torino_2007 - Page 1 Ref Authors Year...

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