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ECE 5497 – Spring 2004 Turning in Programming Assignments This document describes the method you are to use in turning in your programming assignments There are two steps to turning in your assignments. First, the directory containing your files must be named in a special way, as described in the next section below, Naming Your Assignment Directory . That directory must contain everything you are turning in. For example, it might hold the Experiment1 directory in Lab 1. Second, you must copy that directory to the correct "drop folder", as described in the section below, Drop Folders on Windows . 1. Naming Your Assignment Directory Each programming assignment is assigned a turnin code in bold on the course schedule. For example, your first assignment is given as: Lab1. Therefore, the turnin code is Lab1 . The directory containing the files for each assignment must be named: Lastname1Lastname2Turnincode where Lastname1 and Lastname2 are the last names of the two team members, and
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Turning_In_Assignments_ECE5497 - ECE 5497 Spring 2004...

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