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sptps - 6 OTHER ANTENNAS helical reflector biconical horn...

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ECE 5318/5114 ANTENNA ENGINEERING SPECIAL TOPICS 1. LINEAR ANTENNAS cylindrical, long wire, dipole current and charge distribution, dipole fields, folded dipoles, coupled antennas, insulated dipoles, surface wave, top loaded, Beverage antenna, traveling wave antenna 2. ARRAYS optimization, Yagi-Uda, radiation pattern synthesis, adaptive, retrodirective, large phased arrays 3. SLOT ANTENNAS Babinet’s principle, cavity-backed slots, on cylinders, on spheres, waveguide slot arrays 4. LOOP ANTENNAS electrically small, resonant, ferrite loaded 5. FREQUENCY INDEPENDENT ANTENNAS theory, planar spirals, conical spirals, log-periodic antennas
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Unformatted text preview: 6. OTHER ANTENNAS helical, reflector, biconical, horn, printed circuit, microstrip, Project Sanguine/Seafarer, millimeter wave antennas, dielectric rod antennas, dielectric resonator antennas, leaky wave antennas, superconducting antennas 7. OTHER TOPICS receiving antennas, antennas in dissipative media, subsurface antennas, ELF antennas, near fields, radiation effects on biological materials, antennas near finite conductors, EM hazards, commercial applications of microwaves, numerical modeling of radiators...
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  • Spring '08
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  • Electromagnetic spectrum, Fundamental physics concepts, Radio frequency antenna types, Millimeter wave antennas, SLOT ANTENNAS Babinet

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