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The Heritage Foundations webpage is clearly biased and states this on their main page with a link to askheritage.org which says, “The left is on the march. Heritage has the answers.” On askheritage , there are quotes from The Heritage Foundation’s main proponents, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh – two prominent Conservative leaders. Because this bias is acknowledged, the sites’ bias is difficult to use to discredit the website alone. The website contains many policy papers; all of which contain authors that are identified, information that is clearly sited, and publication dates. The authority which these authors hold is also listed . The information is also posted frequently and is very relevant if one wants to learn about current American policy. The layout of this website is quite useful. The primary visual element of the page is a graphic which features three of the sites primary issues and links to policy research that is supported by the Heritage Foundation. Immediately below this are links to specific categories of information, allowing users to efficiently find information relevant to their queries. Furthermore, the site compels Conservative viewers to become active in the fight against the left, which is a central part of the Heritage Foundation. The Heritage Foundation The Assassination Archives and Research Center (AARC) is an archive of documents which the federal government released related to assassinations. The AARC was founded by James Lesar and Bernard Fensterwald, Jr. , and is an organization devoted to filing Freedom of Information Act requests and digitally posting their responses online. Because of its conspiracy theory-esque nature; if the site were to contain one document, one would be compelled to question its validity. However, the sites sheer size makes it hard to fabricate. All documents are also posted digitally, including title pages which contain dates, authors, and often report numbers. One can therefore independently verify the site's documents, and possibly should if using the digital documents as primary sources. The website contains a mass of public documents; however, it is very hard to find information within the site. The site appears to have not been updated in a year, and does not implement a search to sift through the site’s tens of thousands of pages of pdf files. I arrived at the site via a Google search involving Martin Luther King which sent me to AARC . Very simplistic and without many graphics, the layout is much like one would expect from a research based website. Assassination Archives and Research Center After careful review of this website I believe it clearly defines what this particular organization is trying to relay. I understand this firm is a franchising company which offers a variety of services; including but not limited to potential franchise opportunity, and also for businesses inquiring about routine janitorial services. As far as visuals, I think this website was well thought out and executed properly.
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