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EML 6154 HW10 (F09) - parameters or theories Feel free to...

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Optional HW 10 EML 6154 This HW is entirely optional, and you will not be penalized in any way if you select not to participate. If you do participate, you may earn 3 points toward your final exam score . HW 10: Select a journal article from the scientific literature. Examples would be the journals Science , J. of Applied Physics , J. of Heat Transfer , and Applied Physics Letters , just to name a few. This article must contain a significant focus on microscale heat transfer, and specifically discuss some of the key parameters and/or theories we discussed in class. These include the energy carrier wavelengths, mean free path of the energy carriers, the Casimer limit, Cattaneo’s equation, and the BTE. During the final exam period, on-campus students must submit a copy of their full article (put your name on the front), and clearly highlight one portion of the article discussing these
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Unformatted text preview: parameters or theories. Feel free to make comments by writing on the paper if you like. You do NOT need to submit anything else. You may not submit the same paper as your colleagues. For example, EDGE students that work together at REEF, students that work together in the class, etc., should submit different papers. So check with your friend before submitting your paper. Of course, by coincidence , two persons may end up submitting the same paper, and will not be penalized. For EDGE students, you may e-mail me the pdf of your article, along with means to clearly mark your relevant text as well. If you scan your article, you can mark it prior to scanning. If you e-mail a pdf, you may in the body of your e-mail clearly indicate the page to which you refer. In your e-mail subject, clearly put the words HW 10. Mail these directly to me , and please do not send to the TA....
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