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EML 6155 Homework 5 1) Solve for the laminar boundary layer thickness over a flat plate for constant free-stream velocity, using the momentum integral equation and an assumption that the velocity profile may be approximated by Evaluate the momentum thickness, displacement thickness, and coefficient of friction and compare with the exact solution. 2) A high Prandtl # fluid (Pr>>1) flows over a flat plate. Since the hydrodynamic boundary layer is much thicker than the thermal boundary layer, it may be assumed that the velocity profile
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Unformatted text preview: inside the thermal boundary layer is linear, i.e. Using this fact develop an expression for Nu x . (hint: recognize the gamma function) 3) Eq. 6-23: * 0 [ ( ) ] ( ) ( ) ( ) ( , *) * * x w w w x d T x T q x T T h x h x x dx dx ∞ ∞ =-=-+ ∫ ; h(x,x*) is the heat transfer coefficient at x due to a step change in surface temperature at x*. sin u y = 2 u π δ ∞ . w u = y τ μ ....
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