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EML 6155 Homework 7 1) Turbulent flow occurs in a 60 cm diameter smooth pipe with mean velocity U m =10 m/s and Re D =4x10 4 . What is the centerline velocity? What is the thickness of the viscous sublayer? 2) Given turbulent flow in a duct, determine w b w c - T T - T T and compare this result with the corresponding case for laminar flow. 3) Consider the problem of turbulent flow in a smooth pipe. Assume that Empirical observations reveal: U
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Unformatted text preview: m =U max-4.07u * . Derive an expression for C f as a function of Re D . 4) Use the concept of the viscous sublayer, buffer layer, and log layer to determine the Von Karman solution to turbulent heat transfer, Note: in buffer layer, 1 7 c 1 w 7 w c U r =(1-) R U-T r T =(1-)-R T T ln + + = 2.5 +5.5 y u ln f p f h 1 C St = = 2 C u 5Pr+1 C 1+5 [(Pr -1)+ ( )] 2 6 ρ ∞ + M y =-1 5 ε ν...
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